Water Scarcity and Contamination


Water contamination and water scarcity are the most discussed points, and both are linked to each other. Reframing the water scarcity as safe water scarcity is the right way to frame it.

Water is available everywhere but there is still a shortage of pure fresh drinking water all around us. This could be due to many factors such as collapsed infrastructure and distribution systems, contamination, conflict, or poor management of water resources — it is clear that climate change, as well as human factors, are increasingly denying right to safe water and sanitation.[1]

Water is a part of our day to day life. 70% of Earth’s surface is covered with water [2] in which Asia has only 36% of available freshwater reserves with over 60% of the world population [4]– the result is that water becomes a scarce commodity. Water pollution is another major concern, affecting the water supply and subsequently human health conditions.

Apart from the water scarcity, another major issue is the water pollution, which effects the heath. Only 31% of the sewage water generated in 23 major cities is treated and the rest is polluting 18 major rivers in the country [2]. Poor sanitation, over usage of pesticides and poor sewage management are factors, which contribute to the water pollution. [3] Did you know that, 27% of the villages and about 4 to 6% urban population in India do not have access to clean drinking water? [2]

Safe water is our right so let’s ensure that we keep our families healthy with the promise of safe water. A.O. Smith RO water purifiers provide safe drinking water with 8 stage purification and with its high recovery rate which aids in water conservation. Additionally A.O. Smith models P7, P6, P5, Z9, Z8, X7+ and X8 provide secondary purification using the Silver Charged Membrane Technology(SCMT) with its electro adsorption process. So you get the benefit of safe and healthy Baby safe water.


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